Campus involvement is key to any well-rounded college experience, 劳伦斯也不缺乏让学生塑造社区的机会. 如果你想加入这个俱乐部——从这里开始找吧! 


With the sole purpose of getting students involved, student life events are critical to forming a campus community. In addition to various weekly S.O.U.P. (学生 Organization for University Programming) events, including crafting and engaging with guest entertainers, many beloved Lawrence 学生生活活动每年都会举行,比如蓝白周末、总统舞会和LUaroo.


Residence Hall Activities 

社区顾问(CAs)全职工作,通过游戏之夜等活动为学生创造与邻居建立联系的渠道, trips to the 阿普尔顿 Farmers Market, tote bag decorating sessions, 还有更多.  Be on the lookout for invites from your CA throughout the year!

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Fireside Treats in Sage Hall

22岁的CA Molly Ruffing与朋友和居民一起在Sage Hall的壁炉里烹饪s'mores.


With dozens and dozens of student organizations to choose from, each dedicated to a specific interest and activity, it’s easy to find the club that’s right for you. 

From sea shanties to swing dancing, and recess club to social justice organizations, 使用目录找到你的利基,或者在年度参与博览会上直接听取小组领导的意见.

专业的学生组织帮助学生为毕业后的职业生涯做准备,并与志同道合的人建立联系. 有抱负的医生、律师、作家、面包师——名单还在继续——今天就成为会员吧!

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劳伦斯有各种各样的学生领导的组织,嵌入校园社区的各个方面. These groups empower student voices, celebrate culture and identity, and provide a launchpad for exploration.


If you want to get your voice out there, try your hand at cross-campus communications with the campus paper. As the official student newspaper of 十大菠菜台子在劳伦斯的 is a hub for student news, opinions, photography, and more. 


志愿者ing offers the chance to connect with classmates, get to know the local community, and give back all at the same time. With six distinct service areas, each with a variety of programs, you’re sure to find your perfect 志愿者ing niche.

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小灵魂. 劳伦斯服务日是一年一度的活动,邀请整个劳伦斯社区继续纪念劳伦斯博士的思想. King through learning, serving, and celebrating together.


学生就业是融入校园社区的一个重要途径. There’s no shortage of jobs to choose from. 其中最受欢迎的包括下议院的餐饮服务、西利大厦的借阅台. Mudd library, or writing for the Communications office. 



十大菠菜台子社区委员会(LUCC)促进校园的真正变化. 通过选举产生的班级代表和委任委员的联合工作, LUCC touches all aspects of university life. 从金融到学生福利,土地利用和土地覆盖变化是十大菠菜台子共同治理的重要组成部分. 



不管你的学术和专业兴趣如何,参加体育运动可以在校园里建立联系. Be part of a laid-back recreational team!

Join Intramural 体育


人们很容易将健身服务与跑步机和咨询联系在一起——健身中心确实提供了大量的锻炼设备, mental health services, 还有医疗保健专业人士——但参加健康活动也是一种很好的参与方式! 除了针对健康和保健的特定方面的计划和倡议, 健康服务 also hosts weekly group activities including yoga, 冥想, 还有排球比赛.

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旅行 & 出国留学 

没有什么比换个环境更能让你从新的角度了解你的劳伦斯人了. Day trips to High Cliff State Park, weekend excursions to Bjorklunden, 或者参加学术课程的国际旅行——所有这些旅行都可以帮助你更多地参与到你的学习和同学中, 独特的环境.

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多样性,包容 & 文化资源

我们独特的背景和身份是塑造我们作为人的关键,值得在大学环境中培养. Through resources in the Diversity and Intercultural Center国际的房子, and the recently established Gender and Sexuality Diversity Center, 学生可以与了解他们经历的同学和工作人员联系,并可以提供额外的支持. 同样, Office of Spiritual and Religious Life 将感兴趣的学生与探索信仰和灵性的选择联系起来.

Group 住房 Based on Interests

Have a specific interest or passion? 让自己沉浸在其中,同时与其他住在劳伦斯公寓里的学生交流 组的房子.  

艺术 house is a staple on the quad, SLUG house emphasizes sustainable living and eating, Sankofa为边缘身份的学生提供了一个共享空间. These are just a few of the current options. Don’t see your interest? New affinity housing options emerge periodically or start your own. 

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Greek organizations and members play a very active role on campus. If you’re looking for a more traditional, social group with a philanthropic orientation, Lawrence has four fraternities and three sororities to choose from.  

Two professional fraternities offer performance, 志愿者, and social opportunities for Lawrence 音乐ians, 而Beta Psi Nu是一个旨在赋予有色人种女性权力的社会姐妹会. Formal recruitment takes place at the beginning of Winter Term, 在全年的不同时间都有非正式的入场.

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劳伦斯的学生是阿普尔顿社区的重要组成部分. 充满活力的艺术, 音乐, 还有美食场景, 阿普尔顿定期举办各种各样的活动,让学生们融入小镇的其他地方. 

有关城市和即将举行的活动的信息,请查看阿普尔顿市中心 网站 or Instagram.

学生 Life Highlights